Weekly Video Game News and Game Trailers – 01/25/2013

Weekly Video Game News and Game Trailers – 01/25/2013

By Patrick Newman



Half-Life on the Mac



Arriving on the Mac a whopping 15 years after making gaming history in 1998, Valve’s classic FPS Half-Life is now available to download on the platform through Steam. Currently on sale for $9.99 through the service, it joins Half-Life 2 and subsequent expansion packs as viable entertainments for the Mac gamer.






GTA: Vice City – On PSN January 29th



Rockstar has just announced the official release date for their PSN-ready version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The pastel-and-electric keyboard-accented vision of 80’s crime is set for a January 29th release in North America, with a January 30th drop for Europe at £7.99. Rockstar additionally encourages gamers to stay tuned for additional classic Rockstar games en route for the PSN. The names of these upcoming titles haven’t yet been divulged.






Army of TWO: The Devil’s Cartel – Explosive Encounters Trailer









The Last of Us Demo Announced



Sony has finally announced a demo for their highly anticipated action title The Last of Us – a PlayStation 3 exclusive. The first players to be granted access to the demo will be those buying God of War: Ascension when it launches on March 12th. The Last of Us will itself be given a May 7th release date, giving rabid fans a solid two months to soak in the teaser.






Resident Evil 6 Coming to the PC



As a rare kind gesture to PC Resident Evil fans, the recently-announced PC version of Resident Evil 6th (launching in both digital and physical forms March 22nd in both the US and Europe) will be receiving an exclusive game mode, titled “The Mercenaries: No Mercy.” Tweaking the formula of the Mercenary mode from previous games, this “No Mercy” mode is said to feature “more enemies onscreen than ever before.” The new PC version of RE6 will include all patch updates from the console versions preceding it, including the Ada Wong campaign and the camera-adjustment update.






Dragon’s Dogma – Dark Arisen ‘The Depths of Darkness’ Trailer









Age of Wushu Release Date Moved



In a move showing confidence in the game’s overall direction, Snail Games USA’s martial arts MMORPG “Age of Wushu” has been given a spring 2013 launch date, contrasting their scheduled earlier release of May 2013. The decision was reached, in part, because of feedback from the game’s recent closed beta. Anybody hoping to get an early look at the game can play a limited trial run for free, which offers players a 10 hour window to explore the martial arts epic.






The Tyranny of George Washington Update



The upcoming intriguingly-scripted Assassin’s Creed III expansion, titled “The Tyranny of George Washington,” will launch the first episode of it’s three-part narrative on February 19th for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Titled “The Infamy,” the content will be free for people holding a $30 season pass, and $10 for everyone else. The content can additionally be bought at Best Buy and GameStop, according to Ubisoft. Though the content will be available on the Wii U at a later date, Ubisoft has not given gamers the specifics of that development.






Cyberpunk 2077 – Mike Pondsmith Interview









Deep Silver Making Big Commitments



Recently acquired by Deep Silver as a result of the THQ bankruptcy auction, the Saints Row and Metro franchises are being promised bright futures by the new management. “Both the Saints Row and the Metro franchises perfectly fit into our future lineup and strategy,” said Deep Silver international commercial director Menno van der Bil. “We’re really excited to lead these well-respected licenses into a bright new future.” Saints Row 4 is already in development at Volition, and Metro: Last Light is already on the books for a late 2013 release.






Logitech Fazing Out Gaming Peripherals



In a move destined to irk PC gamers everywhere, Logitech has announced that they are cutting console gaming peripherals from their list of priorities going forward. Motivated primarily by a strong desire to hedge expenses, Logitech will now move away from their hefty assembly line of wheels, gamepads and joysticks to pursue other hardware interests. An official statement from the company reads, “We have initiated the process to divest our remote controls and digital video security categories, and we plan to discontinue other non-strategic products, such as speaker docks and console gaming peripherals, by the end of Calendar Year 2013.”






Trials: Evolution – Gold Edition ‘2 Trials in 1’ Trailer






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Bonus Game Trailer: Crysis 3 – The Nanosuit Gameplay Trailer





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