Weekly Video Game News and Game Trailers – 02/17/2013

Weekly Video Game News and Game Trailers – 02/15/2013

By Patrick Newman



Don’t Expect A Female Leader in GOW



In a recent interview with OXM, Epic Games art director Chris Perna spoke of his doubts as to whether or not the Gears of War franchise could eventually tout a female warrior as its lead. “”If you look at what sells, it’s tough to justify something like that,” he said pessimistically. Perna did recognize, however, the positive reception Gears of War material has had from women at cosplay events. “They feel empowered… they put on that armor and they walk around with these massive weapons and I think they get a kick out of it; I get a kick out of seeing it,” Perna said. The next installment of Gears of War, “Judgment,” launches exclusively on the Xbox 360 March 19th.






The Amazing Spider-Man on the Wii U Update



Beenox’s gaming epilogue to the events of Marc Webb’s series reboot “The Amazing Spider-Man” is set for release on the Wii U March 5th (North America) and March 8th (Europe). Features exclusive to the Wii U include the GamePad’s capabilities as an “OsPhone,” which gamers can use to accept new challenges, navigate the city and organize upgrades. The Wii U edition also features four on-disc expansion packs – Stan Lee Adventure Pack, Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack, the Lizard Rampage Pack, and Rhino Challenge.






Injustice: Gods Among Us – Battle Arena Fight ‘Wonder Woman vs. Harley Quinn’









PlayStation 4 Leaks



As pressure builds in advance of Sony’s probable PlayStation 4 announcement at next week’s New York City media event, new images and info regarding the project have started to leak. Digital Foundry released a new shot of the surprisingly traditional DualShock-shaped PlayStation 4 controller, which features a headphone jack. The game pad also contains a wide black screen, the functionality of which is still unclear.






Cancelled Star Wars Game Resurfaces



Immediately bringing back fond memories of the 90’s fighting game Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi, Polygon recently released a proof-of-concept video for a cancelled Star Wars fighting game for the original Xbox. The video, which was given to Polygon by Robomodo president Josh Tsui, was meant to accompany a presentation and shows Anakin Skywalker facing off against Darth Maul. The game was originally developed by the Tsui co-founded (and now defunct) Studio Gigante.






Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 – The Legends of the Majors Trailer









Mass Effect 3 DLC Details Next Week



A tweet from BioWare community developer Chris Priestly reveals that details surrounding the next Mass Effect 3 expansion are coming next week. According to Priestly, “We’ll reveal details as soon as the team is comfortable it is locked and complete. Hopefully next week.” This comes after two teaser images were released by the developer last month, suggesting this new DLC will be a significant expansion. One thing’s for sure: Seth Green will be returning to the series for the upcoming DLC, to provide his voicing talents.






Valve, Steam and Linux



In an attempt to cover every imaginable base in platform availability, Valve has finally cracked its attempts to bring Steam to Linux, as the client is now ready for download through the Ubunto Software Center. More than 50 Linux titles have been discounted by as much as 75 percent to mark the occasion. Furthermore, those who download Team Fortress 2 on Linux by March 1st will receive a free in-game item: a penguin named “Tux” that can then be traded.






Crysis 3 – Sharp Dressed Man Commercial









Donkey Kong Country Returns to the DS



Donkey Kong Country Returns, which originally launched for the Wii in 2010, is finally coming to the 3DS. Announced earlier during a Nintendo Direct video presentation, the game is set for release this summer in both North America and Europe. Developed by Retro Studios, the game was not only a bestseller, but positively received by critics across the board.






Destiny Poster Leaked



A GameStop poster has leaked for Bungie’s massively anticipated FPS “Destiny,” which is supposed to get an official announcement Sunday. The poster, double-sided, reveals that the FPS is set in an “always-connected” universe that allows gamers to create a character and customize gear, weapons and vehicles. Reportedly very similar to Halo and hovering around a possible release window of 2013 for the Xbox 360 (2014 for the PlayStation 3), Destiny is going to be one for the record books.






Neverwinter – Mount Hotenow Zone Trailer






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Bonus Game Trailer: StarCraft II – Heart of the Swarm Bonus Footage




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