Weekly Video Game News and Trailers – 08/25/2012

Weekly Video Game News and Trailers – 08/25/2012

By Patrick Newman




New Star Wars 1313 Details



In a resent presentation held at Star Wars Celebration VI, further details about Star Wars 1313 – the newest original Star Wars action game, set in a Blade Runner-like Coruscant – came to light. Though the gameplay features two lead characters, 1313 will apparently be a single player only experience, without a co-op mode. There will be downloadable content for the game, but no handheld version. The 1313 presentation included detailed, atmospheric footage showing two characters battling storm troopers and battle droids in a subterranean Coruscant.






Halo 4 Campaign Update



An achievement list leak for the upcoming Halo 4 underlined the fact that the game would only contain eight missions. To assuage fan concerns that Halo 4 would be a shorter game than its predecessors, 343 Industries head Frank O’Connor went on NeoGaf and posted as “Stinkles,” saying, “Number of missions has no bearing on the length of the campaign. It’s a Halo-sized campaign. PLUS [Spartan Ops] etc.” designer David Ellis (chiming in on NeoGaf as “lybertyboy”) later added that Spartan Ops, the second story-driven mode included with the game, will be longer than previous Halo release ODST.






Halo 4 Prelude Video Documentary









Curiosity No More!



Gaming innovator Peter Molyneux has been forced to change the name of his newest effort, due to a conflict with NASA’s Mars Rover, which is also titled “Curiosity.” The game, a social media experiment involving the breaking apart of a massive black cube, is due for PC, iOS and Android platforms next month. Molyneux, who is developing the game through his new studio 22 Cans, posted on Twitter, “Humm there is a problem with the name curiosity, we can’t use it because of NASA. I wonder what one word would sum up curiosity: the cube.”






Kinect Price Slashed



Undoubtedly hoping to snare holiday customers to the motion-control system for the Xbox 360, Microsoft has announced a permanent price cut for the Kinect. Effective today, the price has been reduced from $149.99 to $109.99 in the US, according to Xbox Live’s Major Nelson.






Dead or Alive 5 – Pro Player Fight Footage “Lisa vs. Helena”









Max Payne 3 – Disorganized Crime DLC



New game modes are coming to Max Payne 3 courtesy of Rockstar, who are putting out their “Disorganized Crime” DLC pack next week. In addition to the new “Hoboken Rooftops” multiplayer map, modifiers such as Lone Wolf AI and Explosive Rounds will be added to the Arcade Mode Score Attack. Finally, Noir Mode, in which the single player game can be played through in black-and-white, is being packaged with the DLC.






More Activision Games Going Mobile?



According to a CVG interview with Activision’s Mobile VP Greg Canessa, the publisher is looking at all of its 350 brands for mobile device-potential. Claiming that currently there is a lack of great games on mobile devices due to “user interface issues”, Canessa insists that there is plenty of room to innovate in that medium. “It’s a broad fertile field for game creators, unlike social games. So we’re not ruling out any IP,” Canessa said.






Counter-Strike Global Offensive Cinematic Trailer









Election 2012 Hub on Xbox Live



Microsoft, again collaborating with Rock the Vote after 2008’s election, will be offering the Election 2012 Hub on Xbox Live. The first wave of pre-recorded content will be arriving August 27th, showing interactive polls and video streams for both party’s candidates, as well as content from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. A statement from Fred Humphries, the vice president of government affairs at Microsoft, reads, “By bringing the elections directly into the home through this Xbox platform, we hope to encourage greater participation in the democratic process this fall.”






I Am Alive PC Next Month



The PC release of I Am Alive – the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN hit that first hit the market earlier this year – is set for September 13th at the low price of $15. Available to download soon on Steam, the Ubisoft online store, and other digital retailers, the game comes with improved graphics for those with higher-end systems. Two new game modes – “Easy” and “Replay” – are other significant additions to the PC version.






Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – Launch Trailer






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