Weekly Video Game News and Trailers – 09/28/2012

Weekly Video Game News and Trailers – 09/28/2012

By Patrick Newman



Revengeance and Zone of the Enders HD Collection Limited Editions



Limited edition versions of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Zone of the Enders HD Collection have recently been announced by developer Konami, each game packaged with its own deluxe items. The martial arts intensive Revengeance, due for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release February 19th, comes with a two-sided steel book, the game’s soundtrack, and most bizarrely, a “high-frequency katana plasma lamp.” October 30th’s Zone of the Enders, now re-mastered with HD graphics, comes with a copy of the game encased in gold metallic packaging, a 100-page art book, and a soundtrack packed with remixes.






Nuclear Family on Xbox Live



In their continuing efforts to expand their entertainment franchising beyond mere gaming, Xbox Live will be exclusively premiering SyFy’s new original series – the action-packed drama Nuclear Family. Available through SyFy’s Xbox Live app, Nuclear Family will join shows such as Battlestar Galactica and Eureka as streaming entertainment, available only to Xbox Live Gold users.






World of Tanks – Ural Steel 2012 Trailer









New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC News



In a Nintendo Direct presentation, the titular Japanese company unveiled some of the specifics surrounding their DLC packs for New Super Mario Bros. 2. The content will be split into three Coin Rush mode packs at three levels apiece. Though prices and a release date for the DLC is still uncertain in North America, Japan expects the Coin Rush packs to debut starting October 2nd, for 200 yen.






No Halo 4 on Kinect



In a move likely to please first person shooter classicists everywhere, Halo 4 developer 343 Industries has declined support for the Kinect motion control system, citing the inappropriate nature of the content itself for Kinect. According to a CVG interview with 343’s franchise director Frank O’Connor, “Kinect is a logical extension of the UI, and with regards to some of the sci-fi themes we’re actually pretty excited about it, but not for the controls. That’s not what it’s for, and we would never try to shoehorn that into our game.” Halo is due in stores just in time for the holidays on November 6th.






Need for Speed: Most Wanted – Get Wanted Trailer









MGS Film to Feature Hugh Jackman?



The long-awaited film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid is finally taking shape, as story creator Hideo Kojima recently divulged some game details at the recent Eurogamer Expo. The Avi “Spider-Man” Arad-produced action film will indeed star Solid Snake, and most likely feature an unknown actor to play the grizzled, eyepatch-loving lead. Hugh Jackman, who was name dropped by Kojima at the Expo as being formerly in the running for Snake, is the most recent actor to be publicly attached to the role. Kojima will not be writing or directing the project himself, but instead taking on an unspecified supervisory role.






Mass Effect Trilogy Later This Year



The undeniably brilliant, hotly debated Mass Effect Trilogy is arriving to the marketplace November 6th, priced at $60 for the Xbox 360 and PC. A PlayStation 3 version is also planned for release at a later, unspecified date, and will be the first time the original Mass Effect sees play on the console. The availability of previously released DLC from the three iterations of the series is yet to be determined.






Total War: ROME II – First Gameplay Footage









Project Eternity Raises $2 Million



Obsidian Entertainment’s Kickstarter effort to raise the necessary funding for the party-based PC RPG Project Eternity has just hit a new milestone – $2 million. Originally started on September 14th with an initial budgetary target of 1.1 million (swept past within 24 hours), the campaign closes October 16th, at 9PM. Obsidian, which is juggling this project with a South Park RPG, is using the additional funds to add increasingly harder gaming modes – Expert, Trial of Iron, and Path of the Damned – to Eternity’s gameplay.






Bajo-Tooie Sequel May be in the Works



Series composer Grant Kirkhope and artist Steven Hurst are among a growing group of developers formerly employed by Rare, working on igniting a new project inspired by the N64’s 2000 classic Banjo-Tooie. Under the new Twitter account Mingy Jongo, the group is considering mounting a Kickstarter campaign. They’ve also tweeted their interest in using the Unity engine as the new game’s basis, saying it “will probably be perfect for our spiritual successor.”






Far Cry 3 – The Savages ‘Vaas and Buck’ Trailer






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