Weekly Video Game News & Trailers – 03/09/2012

Weekly Video Game News & Trailers – 03/09/2012

By Patrick Newman



Spike TV and 345 Games to Launch First Bellator Based Video Game



Spike TV and 345 Games on Thursday announced they will combine efforts to launch Bellator: MMA Onslaught for Summer 2012. Bellator: MMA Onslaught is an arcade style, mixed martial arts fighting game, developed by Kung Fu Factory and published by 345 Games, will be available for download on both the Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade and Sony PlayStation Network. This marks the first-ever mixed martial arts arcade-style game available on Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade and Sony PlayStation Network, according to a press release from Spike TV.






Xbox 360 Successor Console Details



In a thrilling bit of news for tech and Xbox aficionados, an anonymous Microsoft source told MCV that the console successor to the Xbox 360 will eschew an optical drive altogether, to be replaced with “interchangeable solid-state card storage.” The format of these drives is still yet to be determined, and could range anywhere from a proprietary format to USB or SD drives.






Gas Guzzlers – Combat Carnage Trailer









No Halo 4 Beta



Over the Halo franchise’s long history, gamers have become acclimated to experiencing a multiplayer beta trial in advance of the full version’s retail drop. This will not be the case with Halo 4, according to a statement from Frank O’Connor of 343 Industries – Halo 4’s developer. “While we are testing Halo 4 code, gameplay, and systems at significant scale to get excellent data, input, and feedback, we are focused on polishing and shipping our experience for the duration of the year, and splitting resources to manage and build a beta is not on our schedule.”






Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – New DLC



On March 13th, the “Shade Survival Mode” for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will drop as a DLC package on the PlayStation Network. The new cooperative game mode will last for eight rounds, requiring players to maintain a foothold against increasingly dangerous Djinn hordes. The Shade Survival Mode will cost $6 to PSN users, and will of course be free to members of the Fortune Hunters’ Club.






The Witcher 2 (Xbox 360) – Beautiful and Deadly Trailer









Two New Titles Coming From Avalanche



Avalanche Studios, the developer behind the Just Cause series, has revealed that it will be hatching two new game projects in 2013, and that neither will be a continuation of the Just Cause or Renegade Ops franchises. According to CEO Christofer Sundberg, both titles will be open-world games with a strong emphasis in story, and at least one of those games will be treated to a full announcement at this year’s E3.






Sorcery Street Date



The upcoming PlayStation Move showcase Sorcery has finally been given a North American release date in May 22nd, 2012. In the game, players will take control of the young magician Finn and cast a variety of spells using the Move’s unique motion-based control technology.






Black Box Map Pack – Official Call of Duty: MW3 ELITE Drop #4 Trailer









New GTA for the Vita!



According to a listing on Play.com – a UK game retailer – a new Grand Theft Auto game is in the works for the PlayStation Vita, tentatively titled Vice City Nights. Though Rockstar Games is currently unavailable for comment, a screenshot of the pre-order page posted by Eurogamer indicates the game will sell for €39.99.






More Epic Games in the Works?



On March 27th, the designer behind Epic Mickey will unveil his next gaming project. This was gleaned from an invitation to an event for the reveal that was sent to Nintendo-Master, a French fan site. The game, thus far, is only being described as “epic,” and has not been officially confirmed by Disney.






Mafia III Update



After a full year of pre-production, 2K Czech’s Mafia III has finally entered its full development stage. This, according to an anonymous tip to VG247. No official announcements have been made as to the progress of future Mafia titles, but 2K’s presence at a “Durango” development meeting in London recently indicates that the company may be looking to shape titles to fit Microsoft’s upcoming next-generation console.






Forza Horizon – Teaser Trailer






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