Weekly Video Game News & Trailers – 03/23/2012

Weekly Video Game News & Trailers – 03/23/2012

By Patrick Newman




BioShock Film Update



The endlessly in-development BioShock film adaptation has endured its latest mishap with the departure of director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who reportedly lost interest in pursuing the project after repeated delays. At a junket for Intruders, Fresnadillo’s latest film, the helmer told press that, “Right now it’s on hold. The studio and the video game company, they have to reach some kind of agreement about the budget and the rating.” Fresnadillo was sought after by studios after the project’s original director, Gore Verbinski, bowed out due to disagreements over the film’s rating.






Next-Gen Games Already Under Development?



Remedy Entertainment, the developer behind the novelistic survival-horror hit Alan Wake, is in the process of developing a game for next-generation consoles. A job listing has appeared on Remedy’s website, seeking talent to help craft a project “Targeted at future generation consoles.” Further details about the new title are being kept under wraps, with Remedy insisting that 20 additional jobs will be opening in Finland as the project picks up steam.






The Walking Dead – Teaser Trailer









New Splinter Cell News



Ubisoft Toronto’s studio head, Jade Raymond, spoke recently to CVG about the latest Splinter Cell iteration, which is thought by many to be subtitled “Retribution.” Hinting at directions to take the Tom Clancy-originated concept towards unexplored thematic territory, Raymond said that the new Splinter Cell “Will have all of the action flick elements for sure, but we’re trying to also explore something a little bit more interesting that is actually one of the themes that’s at the root of the franchise historically, but never has been surfaced so much.”






WOW “Mists of Pandaria” Beta Notes



The newest expansion for World of Warcraft, titled “Mists of Pandaria,” has taken its beta testing phase live. According to an announcement by developer Blizzard, the beta of the MMORPG’s newest installment will focus on the first ten levels of the Pandaren starting areas. Players will be able to join with their own high-level characters, and future updates to the beta will allow further upper-level content. Priority will be given to WOW Annual Pass members.






UFC Undisputed 3 – Top Tips with Brad Pickett









Wii U gets Darksiders 2



A version of the hotly-anticipated Darksiders 2 is being developed for the Wii U, scheduled to arrive in stores on the same day as that console this holiday season. The title’s lead designer, Hayden Dalton, claims that the Wii U version of Darksiders 2 will not only utilize the system’s tablet in an unique and unprecedented way, but will contain exclusive features that have not yet been revealed. Versions of the game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC are set for release on June 26th.






No GTA V in 2012



GameStop has inadvertently quashed the hopes of gamers worldwide with an announcement that Grand Theft Auto V will not be arriving in stores this year. The retail giant’s president, Tony Bartel, disclosed in an earnings report that, “In terms of Grand Theft Auto V, we don’t have followed information that we can share at this point, so we have not put that into our forecast. We would adjust our estimate if we had knowledge that GTA was coming out (in 2012).” This falls in line with developer Rockstar’s recent assertion that mere announcements of the game’s details are still months away.






Super Hero Squad Online – Captain America Super-Soldier Vignette









Balder’s Gate Going Mobile



Overhaul Games, the developers behind famed 1998 RPG Baldur’s Gate, has announced an “Enhanced Edition” of that same title for release on the iPad, via iTunes. The game will feature an updated version of Baldur’s Gate’s Infinity Engine, and will come packaged with the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack, in addition to other exclusive content such as a “new adventure”. The Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is also scheduled for release on the PC this summer.






Firefly Game Could Be Coming!



The creator of Minecraft, Markus “Notch” Persson, has recently discussed with PC Gamer his interest in developing a game based on the cult TV series Firefly. Referring to 1984’s space-trading game Elite, Notch wants to craft a game based on Joss Whedon’s beloved sci-fi/western mashup in which players command not only the titular spacecraft, but solve crises in the vessel’s interior. Intending to develop the game to a playable state himself before selling the title, Notch mused to the gaming magazine, “I want to run around on my ship and have to put out a fire. Like, oh crap, the cooling system failed.”






Dragon’s Dogma – Dungeon Gameplay Trailer





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