Weekly Video Game News & Trailers – 05/18/2012

Weekly Video Game News & Trailers – 05/18/2012

By Patrick Newman



Tekken Universe in Theaters



Enthusiasts of martial arts onscreen should be ecstatic to learn that Prachya Pinkaew, the director of the globally famous Tony Jaa vehicle Ong Bak, will be directing a movie based in the Tekken universe. Described as a prequel to the previous, live-action adaptation of the Tekken universe, the production is seeking lesser-known actors that more closely resemble their in-game counterparts. Crystal Sky Pictures is producing.






Dead Island 2 Update



In an unfortunate development from publisher Deep Silver, the sequel to the zombie horror hit Dead Island is in project hiatus. According to Guido Eickmeyer, the development director for Deep Silver, “We are neither working with Yager (Dead Island’s developer) on Dead Island 2, nor do we have any contractual agreement with Yager about any project at this point.” Much to the dedicated gamer’s chagrin, opportunities to throw everything but the kitchen sink (and then the kitchen sink) at the rotting undead in a new iteration of the 2011 survival horror classic will have to wait.






Prototype 2 – Colossal Mayhem DLC Trailer








All-Stars Battle Royale Coming Together



Prolific voice actor Eric Ladin, who recently starred in Infamous 2 as the intrepid Cole, tweeted his involvement in another high profile project recently. On Twitter he revealed not only that he would be providing vocal work for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but that fan favorites Solid Snake and Nathan Drake will also be joining in on the action. The game’s release is currently expected sometime in 2013.






Far Cry 3 Beta News



The multiplayer beta for Far Cry 3, the newest installment of a franchise that has thrived on multiplayer action since its inception, will be available to console players this summer. Dedicated gamers who have “liked” Far Cry 3 on its official Facebook page will be eligible to join the closed beta, which will last for two weeks. A variety of maps and modes will join 16-player matches and six new classes in the beta, which is currently off-limits to PC players. Far Cry three hits US stores on September 4th (September 6th in the UK).






Game of Thrones (RPG) – Launch Trailer








MGS HD Street Date



The enhanced and re-mastered PlayStation Vita version of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will be released on June 12th, 2012. The box set includes the epic sci-fi conspiracy tale Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty as well as the Vietnam War throwback Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, but sadly lacks Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker unlike its PlayStation 3 counterpart.






South Park Delayed



South Park: The Game has been delayed from it’s original fall 2012 release date, to be pushed back to a date sometime during the winter of 2013. Though no reasons were offered by publisher THQ or developer Obsidian, the game’s setback has occurred in curious proximity to THQ posting $239.9 million loss for the fiscal year. We can only hope that this delay will allow developers to polish what they have. The world deserves a South Park RPG.






R.A.W. Realms of Ancient War – Announcement Trailer








Unbelievable Halo 4 Limited Edition



The Halo 4 Limited Edition, recently announced by Microsoft, contains a bevy of bonus materials that will undoubtedly make the set a must-buy for fans. This premium collection, which hits stores November 6th, includes a War Games map pack, which brings nine new environments into the gameplay. New customization options, as well as six specializations for your Spartan, are another boon to the limited edition package, not to mention the inclusion of the new live-action Halo film titled Forward into Dawn. All supplemental material included in the limited edition has been promised for separate release in the Xbox store at an unspecified, later date.






Get Ready for the $100 Deluxe Vault Hunter’s Collection



September’s release of Borderlands 2 will present gamers with several options: one could purchase the standard version, the $100 Deluxe Vault Hunter’s collection, or the $150 Ultimate Loot Chest edition. In both advanced versions, a Marcus Kinkaid bobblehead doll, the book Inside the Vault: The Art & Design of Borderlands 2, and sets of stickers, maps and various art are packed inside. But in the Ultimate edition, there are also maps, digital comics and additional DLC. Gearbox Software’s latest opus has wisely given customers plenty to choose from.






Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Launch Trailer






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