Weekly Video Game News & Trailers – 05/25/2012

Weekly Video Game News & Trailers – 05/25/2012

By Patrick Newman




New Star Wars Game to be Unveiled at E3 2012



According to Spike TV and LucasArts, the newest Star Wars video game project will be announced and detailed at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. On May 31st, this nature of the new Star Wars-centric franchise will be revealed, with a delve into gameplay to follow on June 4th. This will be the first Star Wars gaming endeavor to hit stores since April’s Kinect Star Wars.






Horseback Combat in Skyrim



After months of demands, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim players will finally be able to fight from horseback, according to an update on the Bethesda blog. The 1.6 update for PC players is now available through Steam. Console Skyrim enthusiasts will have to wait to enjoy mounted combat for the time being, but will still benefit from the other patches in 1.6, which include bug fixes, save corruption fixes, and general stability and memory improvements.






Iron Front: Liberation 1944 – Launch Trailer








Zone of Enders Sequel



From a Konami special event in Japan, a long-anticipated, official Zone of the Enders sequel was announced. According to tweets from an animator attending the event (reported earlier by Kotaku), the working title for the game is “Enders Project,” with no additional details revealed as of press time. While fans of Kojima’s mech series wait for the third ZoE title, they can pick up the Zone of the Enders HD Compilation this fall.






Harry Potter Kinect



Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced a new, controller-free Harry Potter title for the Xbox 360, simply titled Harry Potter for Kinect. The game, which uses Kinect technology to make the spell-casting world of the films more interactive for players via voice command and body gestures, will loosely follow the events of the Harry Potter movies. It will allow players to inhabit the characters of Harry, Hermoine, Ron, or a user-created character based on the gamer’s face. Multiplayer action of both the competitive and cooperative variety will also be included.






Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends – Official Trailer








More Epic Mickey on the Way



Junction Point’s Epic Mickey, an innovative, paint-splashing adventure that polarized critics and audiences upon its release in 2010, was apparently envisioned as a four game series by designer Warren Spector. Epic Mickey has already received more fan mail than any previous title the developer has worked on, combined. Spector, who admits that his franchise’s first outing developed a love-it-or-hate-it relationship with the gaming public, asserts that each additional Epic Mickey title (the second, Power of Two, is already on its way) would introduce a new level of innovation to the game’s radical premise.






New Mass Effect 3 DLC Rebellion



BioWare is offering Mass Effect 3 players a new multiplayer-only DLC pack – titled Rebellion – while they wait for new endgame DLC. The pack, which will be available starting May 29th on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, contains two new maps, six unlockable characters, three additional weapons, and more. This burgeoning of content is just the beginning, as the Mass Effect Extended cut is also on its way this summer. The Extended Cut, among other things, will attempt to assuage gamers’ frustration with Mass Effect 3’s ending, using new in-game cinemas and epilogue scenes.






Lollipop Chainsaw – Special Edition Trailer








Another Anarchy Reigns Delay



For a third time, Anarchy Reigns – the third-person, post-apocalyptic brawler in development at Sega – has been delayed in the US. While Japan maintains its original release date of July 5th, Anarchy Reigns will see domestic release sometime later in the month. No reasons have been given for the pushed date.






Shadow of the Colossus News



Josh Trank, the director of the highly-acclaimed found footage superhero film Chronicle, has been attached to the prestigious Shadow of the Colossus film in development at Sony Pictures. Trank will be joined by producer Kevin Misher on the project, which sees its protagonist battle multiple city-sized creature adversaries in an attempt to bring his lover back from the dead.






Far Cry 3 – Insane Edition Announcement Trailer






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